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Benzoyl peroxide
Product name: Benzoyl peroxide
Abbrevation: BPO
CAS  NO: 94-36-0
Molecular formula: C14H10O4
Structural formula:
Molecular weight: 242.23
Main uses: The product is mainly used in polymerization initiator of acrylic resin, vinyl acetate resin, methyl methacrylate and some alkene products. Moreover, it can be used as catalyst for producing polyester, epoxy, ion exchange resins.
Packing: 20Kg carton, or at the request of clients.
Storage: Keep in original container in cool and well-ventilated warehouse under 25℃. To protect from heat, static electricity, spark, heat source, or direct sunlight. Separate from strong acids, strong alkalis, sulfides, reducing agents, catalysts for polymerization, and accelerants. Shelf life is 6 months under 25.0℃.
Notes: BPO risk: This product has a stimulating effect on the respiratory tract, can burn the skin and eyes, combustible and combustion. The higher the temperature, the faster the decomposition rate. In the case of difficult to heat (as in container) among the temperature 60 DEG C will decompose spontaneously. Contact with concentrated acid and alkali, reducing agent and dust, ash, rust or metal can lead to self decomposition, there is a danger of explosion in closed condition.
BPOSafe operation: Use organic peroxide must wear protective glasses and gloves, not to eat, drink and smoke, to prevent contact with the skin and eyes. If the skin contact, immediately remove contaminated clothing, wash with plenty of water, at least 15 minutes and medical treatment. If eye contact, immediately lift the eyelids, with a large number of flowing water or physiological saline rinse for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention. If inhaled quickly from the scene to fresh air, keep respiratory tract unobstructed, if breathing is difficult, give oxygen; if breathing has stopped immediately artificial respiration and seek medical advice. If ingested, oral intake of water gargle, to drink milk or egg white and medical treatment. A safety distance is required for the fire of the peroxide, and a large amount of water is put out.
Transfer of accessories: The use of materials, it is best to use the number from the original bucket to fetch number. Never use left products rewind original barrel or Sheng in the sealed container -- especially not Sheng into the metal pressure vessel. Prevent vibration and friction.
Mixing and melting: When mixed with resin (especially with high viscosity or powder filler), a small amount should be added in order to avoid the local accumulation of peroxide. Avoid excessive friction to prevent local overheating. Do not mix the peroxide directly with the promoter, the active agent or other reducing substances (there is an explosion hazard).
Treatment: Never will use leftover peroxide rewind original barrel, cheap and available solvent oil, alcohol first peroxide diluted the concentration of about 10% (w / W), and then under controlled conditions of incineration.
Quality index:
Appearance: White particle or powder with a little bitter almond odor
Main content: (%) 75.00±1
Dry product content: (%) ≥99.0
Water content: (%) 25.00±1
Free chlorine: (%) ≤0.1

Free acid: (%)

Melting range:(℃) 103-106

Production capacity: 3000t/a
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